About Us


Ingeni IT is one of the emerging & leading IT Services and outsourcing consultancy in UK & India. The success and growth of our business has been based upon the development of long-term relationships and "value for money" solutions. As such, we are delighted that many of our customers have been with us for ten years or more. Ingeni IT are providing the complete package of services and support for both your business solution and your IT requirements.

We provide wide range of consulting and service solutions targeted at improving your businesses effectiveness and efficiency saving you both time and money. We provide world class consultants to both SAP end users and other consultancies.

We only recruit highly experienced SAP consultants and as a result consider ourselves to have one of highest skilled consultancy in the UK& India, being able to provide significant project capabilities and market leading consultancy services.

The Ingeni IT difference is clear – SAP Services delivered with a focus on quality and value delivered by experienced SAP Professionals using established and proven project, transition and support methodologies.

Customer Service

High Quality

Delivery on client promises is not just good business sense, it is crucial to business survival. We don't want our customers to be pleased with the products and services of Ingeni IT, we want them to be delighted


We make sure that everything we produce is of a consistently high quality so that our customers and employees can be proud of our work. For every service we deliver, we want the name "Ingeni IT" to be a guarantee of quality.

Innovation and agility are at the heart of our business. We strive constantly to improve our services, to make them more effective for customers and for our employees to deliver. Our customers can approach us with any idea and we will endeavor to make it work!


We want our company to be a fun place to work because a positive and enthusiastic company will naturally work smarter and achieve more for the companies that work with us and for "Ingeni IT" We want the company to be a rewarding one to work for – both financially and in terms of career development. A business where employees are motivated and can see clear rewards for their efforts will be more successful.